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Flow Meters and Advanced Flowmeter Instrumentation


We design and manufacture high-performance thermal mass flow controllers, immersible thermal mass flowmeters, vortex flow meters and transit-time ultrasonic flow meters for nearly every gas, liquid, or steam application.


Choose Sierra when you need

    Accurate and repeatable flow measurement and control

    Custom flow engineering at no charge

    Short delivery lead times

    Expert flow advice

    Lifetime support



True Wireless® Gas Detection

Gastronics pioneered the first all-in-one wireless gas monitor in 1999 where the radio is an integral part of the gas monitor. The True Wireless gas detection system offers the most economical solution for monitoring gases from remote locations. Our UHF/VHF monitors offer up to 6 watts of power and are capable of transmitting in and around steel structures and over long distances in worst case scenario. True Wireless is also available for ISA100.11a MESH Networks and M2M GPRS Cellular Radio.


    Flexible sensor placement -line of sight not required

    Communicates with Gastronics stationary and portable RTU’s

    Offers additional analog inputs and discretes.

    Built in battery - works with 12/24 VDC, 115/230 VAC or Solar

    Scaleable system - expands for future applications

    Compatible with DCS systems using standard Modbus-RTU Protocol

    Integrates easily with SAFER Systems Software